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The Podcast Host

13 September 2023

33m 30s

Why & How to Monitor Your Audio



Podcast listening isn't exclusive to podcast listeners. Podcasters need to listen to their own audio, too - both whilst it's being recorded and whilst it's being edited. We call this type of creator listening "monitoring", and that's what we'll discuss in this episode of PodCraft.

Key Considerations

  • Listen through headphones (even a cheap pair of earbuds) while recording audio to catch any real-time issues.
  • Use headphones or speakers with a flat frequency response. Don't use gear that'll add extra bass that doesn't exist in your source material, for example.
  • Use a headphone splitter to give guests their own headphones whilst recording. 
  • When choosing headphones, consider things like comfort, isolation, sound leakage, as well as cable length and type. 
  • Headphones are great for mixing voice, but switch to speakers to mix in your music if you have that option in your setup. 

Gear Mentioned