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17 May 2024

50m 33s

Building a Business around your Podcast: Real Examples & Products you Can Create



Discover how to build a thriving business around your podcast in this episode of Podcraft. Colin co-hosts this episode with the host of the Always Free podcast - Jason Graystone. They both shares their strategies for crafting a show that resonates with people and how to then monetize that content within a wider business. They discuss a whole range of things, including:

If you're early stage, or pre-launch:

  • what a BIG launch strategy looks like, with real tactics
  • how to make the best of the first 3 months of your show
  • iterating your show to find the best fit for you and your audience

If you're experienced and ready to build an income from your show:

  • creating a product line that aligns with your unique expertise
  • breakdown of our own products & services, and how they tie together
  • creating your first product in a few days, with real examples
  • how to overcome the fear of selling as a creator and feel confident in the value you offer
  • the value of being open and honest with your ideas, even if it turns some people off

Our goal was to give a really solid picture of how we both run businesses around content, and the steps you can take to start to build your own.

Here are a few of the resources mentioned: