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PodCraft | How to Podcast & Craft a Fantastic Show

PodCraft takes you from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster. We’ll teach you how to start and grow a successful podcast in our easy-to-follow seasons. Let’s start at the start with the groundwork and planning stages. Why do you want to podcast, who do you want to reach, and why? Then, let’s learn what we’ll need to record, publish, and distribute it. Once that’s done, we move on to marketing, growth, and monetisation. Here, we help you to reap the rewards of all your hard work. On PodCraft we also run regular Q&A episodes, offer analysis and data on the podcasting industry, and talk about the latest tools, tips, and tactics that are improving our own processes and workflows.

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05 June 2023

How to Treble Your Content Output: Top Tips to Ship Your Show

Following on from our previous episode, some of the advice given was "do less". But what if you want to do more, in the most efficient way possible? That's precisely the purpose of this episode, where we talk through some of our top tips to ship your show. 

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Working in Seasons

Read about how to plan a season, along with every b enefit you’ll get.

Sailing Solo

Read about the solo format, and its p ros and cons.

Then, find out how to create a great monologue

Smart Repurposing

Your first step here is to try recording a blog post in audio form. Give it a go!

Then, find out how to script & present content for smart repurposing in future. 

Read how to create a blog post that’s easy to repurpose smartly

Going Live the Right Way

Try recording a live session with the following structure: 1. Welcomes and content sourcing, 2. Solid content, directed by audience feed in section 1, 3. Q&A and Goodbyes.

During sections 1 and 3, you run audience interaction, and during section 2, you just deliver content, no interaction. Then, repurpose section 2 alone for a great audience directed, smartly repurposed podcast episode!

Interview Booking Systems

See how I run my interview booking routine

I use Book Like a Boss for all my book ings.

Planning in Notion

Use Notion.us, like me , to create well structured content series plans, and to organise all the material around it, from interviewee research to sponsor deals.

Interview Prep

Read Out on the Wire by Jessica Abe l for great advice on how to get great stories from people.

Plus, read the following article:

How to prepare for a great interview 

Live Recording

You can record right into the Alitu Podcast Maker app, and have it do the cleanup and add your music, automatically.

Vocal Warmups

Our guide to the best vocal warmups for podcasters.  



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19 May 2023

9 Super Podcast Time Saving Tips

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I have so much time to work on my podcast, I struggle to even fill it"?



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18 April 2023

Do Downloads Mean Listeners? How Accurate Are Podcast Download Stats?

Download numbers can vary from platform to platform, which causes frustration and confusion among podcasters. Why do some services show much higher numbers than others? Are they interpreting downloads differently? And what else can we do to measure the performance of our podcasts?



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05 April 2023

What is Open Podcasting & Why Does it Matter?

We look at why open podcasting is so important to podcasters and listeners alike - and what we can do to protect it.



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22 March 2023

Locative Media: GPS Tools To Grow Your Podcast in 3D

If you’ve ever used a smartphone to take a GPS-enabled audio tour, such as one available through Voicemap, you’ve used locative media. Locative media is a way to share digital content via GPS triggers in the real world to increase personal interaction. It puts digital content and real places together to make an experience greater than the sum of its parts. On this episode, we talk about how you can utilise it to help enhance and grow your podcast. 



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09 March 2023

Should I Start a Second (or Third, or Fourth) New Podcast?

No podcaster in history has ever just run one show. In fact, many find their biggest or most successful podcasts to be a second or third attempt. They’ll learn the ropes on the topic they think they want to discuss, then start a new one later on, on a completely different subject.