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PodCraft | How to Podcast & Craft a Fantastic Show

Let's talk about how to start a podcast, and how to grow your audience from there! This show takes you from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster. We talk all about the brilliant world of Podcasting – teaching you how to make, grow and monetise a great show. In this podcast I cover the full range of Podcasting skills, looking at: Podcasting Equipment – what microphones to buy, when to get a mixer, how to set it all up. Podcasting Techniques – recording interviews, recording outside events. Podcast Editing – what software to use, how to create the best audio possible. Podcast Promotion – how to grow your audience, how to market your brand. Podcast Planning – scripting, episode planning, topic generation. Podcast Monetisation – how to make money out of your broadcast without turning off your audience. And more – podcasting environments, events, speaking skills. I'll be bringing on guests from popular podcasts, talking to novices and experts alike, and generally helping you to create the best podcast possible. If you have any suggestions for future episodes, or feedback on the podcast, get in touch on twitter at @thepodcasthost or through the website at The Podcast Host

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21 November 2022

Why Are 43% Of New Podcasters Planning to Go Solo?

43% of over 1,500 respondents told us they’d rather host a solo show than create content with other people. So why might this be?



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10 November 2022

Autism & Podcasting: Life In The Ted Lane

Lindsay from the content team helps produce a show called Life In The Ted Lane with her brother, Ted (apparently the name 'Ted Talks' was taken, unfortunately).



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27 October 2022

SEO Tips for Podcasters

The concept is simple: You create the content your target audience is searching for, they find it, and your podcast grows as a result. 

But Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn't just as straightforward as that, unfortunately. There are nuances, best practices, and stiff competition from rival content creators. 

On season 16 of Podcraft we're leaning on the expertise and experience of our team here The Podcast Host and Alitu. On this episode, I'm joined by Sean, who is a full stack growth marketer. Sean knows a thing or two about SEO, and he's here to help you polish up your own search game, no matter what stage you're at. 

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27 September 2022

Best Tools for Creating Short Podcast Clips & Micro Content

Mike from the Konversations With Kinfolk podcast is thinking about micro-content. He's looking for apps or software that can take small clips (video and/or audio) to create short clips for visibility and promotion.

This is a great strategy for podcast growth. Micro-content can be highly searchable, shareable, and doesn't demand a lot of time to hook a potential new listener. It can also be quick and easy to create.

Resources Mentioned

We also offer a bonus tip to Mike - improve those episode titles. The podcast will benefit greatly if you make them more descriptive and intriguing. 

Finally, we're looking for your feedback to help us help you better. Have you got a second to answer this quick question? What are you most struggling with in podcasting right now

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12 September 2022

3 Actionable Podcast Growth Tips

Khaled runs the show Curated Advice on Better Living, and wonders how to increase the number of listeners per episode.

At time of recording, he's almost hit the 30-episode mark, which is a great point to reflect on what you've achieved so far, as well as revisit your big picture planning.

We recommend that Khaled sets up a dedicated website for the podcast, which is a low-hanging fruit these days. You can do this quickly and at a low-cost by using Podpage.

We also recommend that he uses our free Podcast Planner tool to tweak the overall aims, targeting, and message of the show. 

Finally, we give three actionable growth tips for Khaled to try out. These are:

  1. Run a co-hosted or crossover episode with another podcast in your niche
  2. Create a roundup of podcasts that you love in your niche
  3. Reach out to 3-5 true fans of your show and create a focus group 

For a deeper dive, check out our full guide on podcast promotion.

On this episode, we also mention Pocket-Sized Podcasting and Alitu: The Podcast Maker

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15 July 2022

How Do I Turn Listeners Into Followers, Subscribers, & Supporters?

Michael of Night Moodz wonders how to turn casual listeners into subscribers, followers, and even, supporters. This is a question with many layers as the first and most obvious move is simply to ask in your Calls to Action. You might also want to show them how by creating a 'how to subscribe' page on your website. A final and essential piece of the jigsaw, though, is to make folks want to come back for more. Our free Podcast Planner tool can help you hone your message and your content, and make sure your show is optimised for growth!

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